♣ Tuesday weigh-in: 210.4 ♣

Sparky is a man. As such, he gets to eat more, lose weight faster, and not menstruate inexplicably gain weight once a month. I was prepared for all of that when we started this program together. I even started a couple of weeks before him, which helps with the speed of weight loss part. What I was not prepared for was step inequities.

Sparky is a little taller than I am, but my legs are longer than his. I never thought of that as a negative thing until this past weekend, when I discovered that this means he takes 12 steps to every 10 of mine. No big deal until we started counting steps for the Program. Still not a huge deal when we’re in different places during the day, doing different things. But when we spend the day together, doing the same damn things, going the same places, and he ends up with 6,000 steps to my 4,000* and I’m stuck walking around the bedroom trying to hit my minimum…well, I get a little cranky. Just sayin’

This is not to say that I’m not proud of him for doing this program. The man is working hard and it’s paying off. He deserves all his success. I just covet his steps.

In other news, BamBam is going through a major separation anxiety phase. It would drive me to drink, if only I were allowed to drink right now. I had my first group meeting for the Program last week, so I put both boys in the club daycare for an hour. We finished introductions and the leader had just told us to think of this hour as time we take for ourselves to reflect, when the door opened and one of the daycare workers came in to get me. Seems BamBam had been hysterical since I left. He worked himself up to the point of vomiting. So much for time for myself. Or time to reflect.

I thought it would be better at that time of day because BamBam and BeBop would be in the same room. Together. Unfortunately, the teacher tells me that BamBam kept following BeBop around with arms outstretched, while BeBop ignored or rebuffed him. All the poor kid wanted was a hug. Sheesh.

Oh well. Today is the start of week six for me. I’ve lost 20 pounds in five weeks. I’m feeling pretty good about that.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go play referee.

Thanks for the support!

*Don’t bother with the math. I didn’t.