♦ Tuesday Weigh-in: 201.0 ♦


This was the third week in a row with weight loss under 1%. Just barely under this week, but still under. I wanted to be under 200 this week. I knew it wasn’t going to happen, so the week was pretty frustrating. It’s not that I expect to lose a lot at one time, but on the program you’re supposed to be able to lose 1-2% per week on average. Sparky even has a pattern going that he alternates between less than 1% one week and about 2% the next. Once he recognized the pattern, he stopped worrying about it on the low loss weeks. I don’t mind if I lose less than 1% in a week. I honestly don’t. But it’s been THREE weeks now.

It hasn’t been as easy to exercise, either. I feel tired and grumpy and just don’t want to do it, even when I’m already at the gym. I’m sure it has something to do with frustration over the slow weight loss. I did it, though. And I stuck to my meal plan. And I got 5,000 steps every day. Still not losing 1%. Argh.

Okay, I’m done whining now. Thanks for bearing with me.

My dietician told me that a lot of people have trouble around 200 pounds. One of her clients, who started out around 300 pounds, lost steadily until she hit 200 and stayed there with no loss for five weeks. She continued to do everything the way she had before, but the stupid weight wouldn’t budge. Until the sixth week when she dropped eight pounds overnight. Who know why, but the weight just wouldn’t come off until it was good and ready.

So I’m going to hang in there and keep working the program. My dietician actually noticed that I’ve been averaging about 1350 calories for the last several weeks and I averaged about 1300 cal. when I was losing faster. She suggested that I try to stay closer to 1300 this week. Not that there was anything wrong with the way I have been eating, but as a means of shocking my system into dropping the weight. Worth a try. She also said that people who increase their number of daily steps tend to lose weight.

So, my two goals for this week are 1) to keep my daily caloric intake between 1200 and 1300 and 2) to get at least 7000 steps every day.

The first has actually been pretty easy so far. I replaced my afternoon protein bar with honey flavored Greek yogurt and saved myself around 100 calories a day. Next problem. I got 7775 steps on Tuesday and 10,009 on Wednesday (we went to the zoo). I’m a little low on steps today so far, but I’m hoping to catch up by walking in place as I type this. It takes coordination I’m not sure I have.

Anyway, my hope is to break through by next week. I was 200.0 on my scale this morning. Argh.