♥ Tuesday Weigh-in: 196.6 ♥

This week was difficult, diet/discipline-wise,  but worth it. Well, mostly worth it.

I’m scrapping the 1300 calorie thing – getting a little obsessive over it, and not in a good way. It wasn’t too hard at first, I just replaced my afternoon protein bar with yogurt and shaved 50+ calories off my day. Plus, my new favorite snack in the whole world is freeze dried mangos dipped in Voskos Honey Greek Yogurt.  Yummers. Staying at 1300 calories every day requires too much juggling, so I’m going back to just keeping it within my range. More variety happens that way.

I am keeping the 7k steps per day. I’ve been doing a lot of walking in place any time I find myself standing still. I think that’s what really helped me this week. The trip to the zoo didn’t hurt, though. Over 10,000 steps that day, baby. Plus, I got to hear BamBam say something to the tapir, see below:

"Big doggy!"

BamBam is in love with the Tapir.

BeBop likes him, too.

The little darlings are having ear tubes placed tomorrow morning. Surgeries are back-to-back, which is nice. Children’s has been very accommodating. Wish us luck!