• Tuesday Weigh-in: 191.4 •

I just ordered a pizza.

Wait, maybe I should back up a minute. It’s been a crappy week, both figuratively and literally. BamBam has had a nasty diaper rash for a couple of weeks now and, without going into too much detail, it…escalated on Tuesday. Add to that the fact that he decided last week, this 18-month-old, that he needed to crawl, nay fall, out of his crib, forcing his parents to remove said crib from his room to prevent injury and place his mattress on the floor, where he refuses to sleep, and you’ve got one cranky toddler. Mr. Crankypants gets pretty clingy when he’s cranky and, as he climbs into Mommy’s lap, his normally independent brother suddenly decides it needs to be his turn to sit there. It’s been a *fun* week.

Mommy’s tired. Tired of cranky kids. Tired of running around chauffeuring to various appointments. Tired of getting up at 5am to go work out. Tired of working out. Tired of thinking about every single bit of food I put in my mouth. I guess I didn’t really learn my lesson from the cupcakes, because I ate a bunch of sugar-laden stuff yesterday. Then I went looking for something salty. What I really wanted was a piece of extra-sharp cheddar, but all I could find was light cheese, so I ate some pepperoni and some dill pickles. Desperation, huh?

You know, they say that using food to comfort doesn’t really work. I take issue with that, because it does work. If it didn’t, I’d have no problem avoiding it. Sure, the comfort doesn’t last long, maybe five minutes. The thing is, when you’re home with small kids and they’re sick and everything seems to be exploding around you, that five minutes may be all the comfort you get.

Mommy needs a break. I can’t get one from the kids, so I’ve decided to take one from the Program. Just for today. I’m hoping to hit the ground running tomorrow. Refreshed and ready to go.

So, I ordered a pizza. And I’m going to eat it.