Tuesday Weigh-in: 186.6

Sparky and I went on the walking food tour on Sunday. ¬†We discovered some yummy new things, including a peach cherry salsa that actually fits in our diet plan and will be yummy on chicken. It’s also yummy on tortilla chips, but we’ll need to stick to the chicken* or fish for a while. I also learned that I love clam chowder. I’m pretty sure that was a fact I didn’t need to know.

If you are a relative, you can probably expect to be treated to some of these places on your next visit here. You may also get a gift basket from one of the places on the tour at your next gift getting occasion. I also highly recommend the tour, so if you live here or are planning a visit (and you know where here is), let me know and I’ll send you the tour link.

In other good news (fabulous news if you are me, which I am), BamBam ran into the daycare place at the club and immediately engrossed himself in the toys, not even noticing when I left. Such a difference from even last week, when he was still clinging to my leg and screaming as I tried to slip out the door for my half hour with the dietician. Crossed fingers that this trend will continue would be appreciated.

I was just thinking yesterday that I need a new challenge to help me stick with the Program. I’m running my first 5k on Saturday, which is fabulous, but as my trainer said to me yesterday, it’s not like there’s much risk involved there at this point. A few months ago, yes, but there’s not a big chance that I won’t finish it, since I’ve already done it. So I was thrilled when a friend pointed out to me that the Program is having a recipe contest beginning in July and running for six months. I’ve already got a few things to spruce up and enter, but I’m also planning to come up with some brand new things. This will be my new challenge and will help me to overcome the fact that I’m tired of dieting. Tonight I’m planning to make chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese and spinach and topped off with the peach cherry salsa. Wish me luck!

*Had it on a chicken sandwich today. Yummers.