• Tuesday Weigh-in: 184.4 •

I was raised on a salt lick. Well, okay, not really. But I was raised by a woman who would put salt on a dill pickle. I don’t think she’d mind me telling you all that. If she does, she’s welcome to come right in here and deny it. Right, didn’t think so.

As for my own bad eating habits, some I cultivated on my own and some I got from my parents. I developed the chocolate passion all on my own. Chocolate is…well, if I have to explain the chocolate to you, you should probably just count yourself lucky and move along.

My paternal grandmother’s nickname was Mrs. Cheese due to my dad’s love of that delicious food. I, myself, have pretty much never met a food that couldn’t be improved by cheese, so I guess you can see the food behavior I inherited from him. I also got his sweet tooth, but it’s really the cheese that has been harder for me to kick. I haven’t really given it up on previous diets, in large part because I couldn’t stomach light cheese – never really saw the point. I mean, if I was going to eat cheese (and let’s face it, I was), it needed to taste like cheese. This time around, however, we’ve discovered a brand of sharp cheddar that’s actually passable. And I can still have fat-free feta, which I actually always liked. Feta’s really always been about the salt for me.

Which brings me back to my mom. She loves vegetables, especially tomatoes. I really don’t understand why I couldn’t have inherited that. But, no, from her I got my love of fried foods and salt. I haven’t had anything fried in months and I’m learning to enjoy vegetables (Mom will be thrilled to know that I actually enjoyed the diced tomatoes on top of a pizza last weekend), but I’m having a tough time with the salt thing. At first, I didn’t think it was a problem because my blood pressure, aside from skyrocketing during pregnancy, has always been low. Sparky’s blood pressure is high, so I’ve reduced the salt in my cooking, but that doesn’t mean I’ve reduced my intake. I just add it to my own food in other places.

The first week I was in the program I had an episode (okay, two episodes) where I drank some soy sauce. Yes, you read that right. It was a marinade, so it had some other stuff in it (lime juice and Worcester sauce, which, HELLO is also high in salt), but it was basically drinking soy sauce. I retained A LOT of water and it was obvious to me that I shouldn’t do that. But I haven’t been paying any attention to my sodium intake since then, aside from avoiding large quantities of soy sauce.

This week I’ve been having low-grade headaches. Actually, it’s been pretty much one continuous headache that waxes and wanes. I played racquetball with my trainer last week and, in enthusiastically going after one ball, stopped my progress toward the wall with my face. My left temple, specifically. Continued playing, though. I’m such a trooper. Anyway, since the headaches started around that time, I’ve been wondering if that caused them. There was never any swelling or bruising, which totally pisses me off because it hurts to the touch and I have nothing to show for it.

But yesterday afternoon, not long after lunch, my headache got much worse. It suddenly occurred to me that I’ve had a lot more sodium lately than I’d been consuming for a while. See, I discovered that Orowheat has started to make sandwich thins that are shaped for submarine sandwiches. I’ve been having them with roast beef for lunch every day. I like my roast beef sandwiches with cheese and pickles. Yep, that’s more than a whole day’s worth of sodium right there. Oops. I’ve also been pretty good at exercising and watching the diet this week, yet I only lost about one pound. Yep, I’m retaining me some water, folks.

I talked to my dietician about it this morning and she agrees. The plan for this week is to cut way down on the sodium. Wish me luck with that, this habit’s been with me a long time.