On a lighter note…I’m not thrilled with my hair these days, but I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to do something new either.  I thought I’d throw the question out there and see what you all think. Keep it long or cut it off? Somewhere in-between? I have bangs because I look like Cousin It when I don’t. My hair grows straight down from my forehead and refuses to be trained to stay out of my face.

So here are some pictures of my hair now, though it looks better in these pics than it usually does because I actually brushed it:

And here’s a poll, so let me know what you think!
[polldaddy poll=3608053]

*Edited to fix the poll. It was my first attempt and I didn’t think to make sure the vote button was visible. Doh! I voted for medium length to test and can’t figure out how to erase it, so that one doesn’t count.