• Tuesday Weigh-in: 181.6 •

But I don’t really want to talk about my weight or the program. I want to talk about my hair. My friend, Cookie, had a great idea today – I should upload a picture of myself and try on different hairstyles. Brilliant! So I’ve been doing that pretty much all day. All. Day. One of the sites was better with the makeup than the other, but I couldn’t get it to reliably save the pictures. Anyway, I’m ready to put it up for a poll now.

But first I want to show you this picture:

Yes, that’s me in the purple dress! And, yes, I am aware that I look like I should be on the prow of a ship. But it fits! And we have reservations for Saturday night to pretty much the only place nearby I can wear it. I have an appointment Saturday morning with my hairdresser, so I’m looking for a little more input to help me decide on a style. Sparky said it looks good down in the dress, but I disagree.

I’m going to list the styles with numbers and then do a poll so you can vote for the style you like. Sorry about the green mascara – it doesn’t look like that on the website and I didn’t feel like going back to change all of them once I’d cropped them. I should also mention that the first picture isn’t me, as if you couldn’t figure that out on your own. It’s a picture of a hairstyle I like, but I couldn’t find a corresponding ‘do on either website.

So, here goes:

























That’s it. Have at it and thanks for your input!

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