I wore the purple dress to dinner on Saturday night. The hostess commented on how elegant my dress was, which felt pretty nice! I’m posting some pictures. Doesn’t Sparky look nice? I really like the tie he picked out. BeBop had to ask him what it was, ’cause he’d never seen one in person before. Codewriters really don’t wear them to work, you know.

We went to Canlis and the food was excellent. We particularly loved the Canlis prawns and Canlis salad – thanks for those recommendations, Dorene! We shared two desserts: chocolate covered chocolate and a trio of doughnuts. I thought I would like the chocolate most, but it turned out the best part of the whole meal was the doughnut with mango ice cream. When we go again (in some distant future), we’ll ask for the trio of doughnuts with only the mango ice cream. In fact, we might make a whole meal out of the prawns, salad, and mango ice cream doughnuts. Yum.

Still feels kind of weird to celebrate weight loss by going to dinner, but that’s just how I roll.