◊ Tuesday Weigh-in: 218.3 (O.M.G.) ◊

At the risk of sounding like McCroskey (and seriously dating myself with that comment), looks like I picked the wrong week to quit eating. Actually, all of April is looking pretty tough in that respect. Going to try, though. And there’s always May.

And speaking of it being April already, I thought maybe it was time to (finally) summarize the list that started this blog and expired in January. Here’s the list with the progress noted:

# Goal Progress
1. Lose 100 pounds (from pregnancy weight) Lost 80 pounds
2. Run a 5k Done! 6/26/10
3. Finish writing a novel Finished NaNo
4. Read 20 books I already own Done! 11/22/10
5. Learn to knit Done!
6. Wear the purple dress Done! 9/25/10

Now I’ll go through them individually.

1. Lose 100 pounds (from pregnancy weight) – I didn’t lose the whole shebang, but did manage to lose 79.2 pounds. That’s pretty good, even though I’ve gained back 40 of that. Needless to say, this will be on my list for this year as well.

2. Run a 5k – Not only did I run a 5k, I ran a 10k. Ran both all the way, no walking. Yay me!

3. Finish writing a novel – I wrote a 50,000 word novel. It needs a LOT of editing, but does have a beginning, middle, and end. I won’t say that I accomplished this goal because my intention was to have a finished product, not just a first draft, but it’s closer to a finished book than I’ve ever come before and I am going to give myself a big ole pat on the back. Yay me!

4. Read 20 books I already own – Finished this one, but there was never any real fear about it. My intention was not to buy any new books until I had read 20 that I already owned, but I dont’ think anyone who knows me thought I would make that. I held out for a long time and didn’t buy very many, so I think that’s pretty good.

5. Learn to knit – This is kind of an ambiguous goal for me and hard to quantify. I can knit now. Not very well, but I can. Sort of like I am with the piano. And the flute. And…well, let’s just leave it at that, shall we?

6. Wear the purple dress – I don’t fit into it anymore, but I did wear the dress. And I looked damn good in it. The hostess at the restaurant said I looked elegant.

So…that’s it. Is it just me or does that feel really anticlimactic? Oh, well. On to my new list.

New list for 2011:

1. At the beginning of the year, the first item was to lose 30 pounds, getting down to 160, which was my original goal from the last list. Unfortunately, I have since gained 30 pounds, so the number to lose is now 60 pounds. *sigh* Still keeping 160 as the goal by the end of 2011.

2. Finish a half marathon. I’m signed up to walk the Rock&Roll half marathon in June. Since I’m walking, I’m not really worried about finishing. I haven’t really been exercising much lately, though, and the 10k I half walked/half ran a few weeks ago rendered me virtually paralyzed for several days, so I think I better get my butt training. I have started a training program since then, but last week didn’t go so well…

3. Write first draft of the Kaylee novel. This item was originally to finish a novel all the way through editing, but I’ve decided that’s too ambitious for this year with everything that’s going on for our family. Next year BamBam will be in preschool (look for a very excited post about that in the near future) and I’ll have some time that I can devote to writing. I’m pretty sure that will be on the list for next year.

4. Log all the books I read on the blog. I like this goal because it’s just about reminding myself of the pleasure of reading. I’m going to read whatever I want, no restrictions. And I’m going to log it so I can look back and remember that I did treat myself to some time to read. Right now I’m reading The Likeness by Tana French. I highly recommend it as well as her first one, In the Woods.

And that’s it. I started to put in some stuff about the boys or our family in general, but decided that I want the list to just be about me. Besides, that kind of stuff (like be a better mom) isn’t really quantifiable and I need that for the list. For this list, anyway.

See you next week!