I didn’t manage to post yesterday, or last week, and today’s post won’t be much more than a few lines. We had BeBop’s last evaluation this morning, postponed from last week, and Sparky and I go back tomorrow to hear the results. My stomach is pretty much a ball of knots.

I did want to mention that the visit from our dear friend last week was wonderful. So very good to see her. She has such a wonderful presence and is an incredible person, whether she chooses to acknowledge it or not. (Yes, I’m talking to you, babe.) Sparky commented that he loves that she and I have never lived within a thousand miles of each other and we don’t actively talk very often, but we talk about how much we miss each other and we’re totally dedicated to one another. Very true. We are soul sisters. So that’s her nickname on this blog: Soul Sister.

Love you to pieces, Soul Sister.