One of my very favorite authors, Lani Diane Rich, is re-releasing two of my all-time favorite books in electronic format. And they’re cheap – $2.99. I know the descriptions make them sound a little supernatural, but they’re not really. Nothing wrong with the supernatural genre – I happen to LOVE it – but I know some people are put off by it. These are wonderful stories about healing broken relationships. They are smart, moving, real, and flat-out funny.

We’re trying to get them onto the Amazon best sellers list, so if you are interested, please consider buying one or both of them today. Here are the links:

A Little Ray of Sunshine


The Fortune Quilt

I go back and forth trying to decide which is my favorite. Usually depends on which I’ve read most recently.

Also, just FYI, Lani has a new book coming out soon under the name Lucy March. It’s called A Little Night Magic (this one is supernatural, hence the new pen name) and there’s a preview of the first chapter included with the ebook versions of The Fortune Quilt and A Little Ray of Sunshine. SQUEE!