Saturday night, Sparky took BeBop camping in our backyard. They had a great time. He’s such a fabulous dad! See?

BamBam is too young (and roamy) to stay out with them yet, so he just helped Daddy set up the camp:

I gave him extra time in the bath before putting him to bed in his own room. Then I skipped dinner and stayed up past one-thirty making PECS cards for BamBam’s toys and the four foods he eats.

PECS stands for picture exchange communication system. Basically it’s a way to provide functional communication for people with limited verbal communication skills. The person can hand you a picture of what he or she wants or feels. Last week in his co-op preschool, BamBam found the card for bubbles and kept handing it to the teacher, even after she’d done bubbles in response to his request and moved on to something else. He’s very persistent, my boy.

So last night I put a strip of Velcro on the wall in the kitchen and attached the food PECS cards to it. BamBam was very excited about it this morning, but I gradually realized that he was a little too enthusiastic. After a few times of taking a picture and handing it to me to request water or a cracker, he started to take them on and off without discretion. So I decided to take them off and re-introduce them more gradually. Baby steps.

Now (Sunday morning) I’m sitting in Panera having my new weekly me time. For the last few weeks, I’ve spent this time writing my blog post, but I don’t feel like doing it today. So this has become a blog post about how I’m not going to blog this week. 🙂