This month has been a little crazy so far. I was so anxious to get into a routine again that I didn’t take into account how full our schedule is and how frazzled I feel until I get used to it. So, since I am currently incapable of organizing a coherent thought, here are some random things I’m thinking about as BamBam and I sit in the car waiting for BeBop to finish his OT session.

Sparky is changing jobs. Still at the same company, but he’ll be moving to a different team and a different product. He’s pretty excited about it. We all are. And I’m really proud of him.

I’m taking an online writing class this month. It’s all about doing creative stuff before you start the meat of the writing to help you access your characters, setting, and story. This week we’re working on collage, which usually fills me with dread. I’m not good at collage. But Lani (that’s my teacher, the wonderfully talented Lani Diane Rich) suggested alternatives to traditional collage, one of which was scrapbooking. Now, I’ve never really scrapbooked before, but I don’t find it nearly as intimidating as traditional collage, so that idea got me pretty excited. I went to Michael’s this morning while BamBam was in therapy. Unfortunately for my wallet, they were having a sale. I went a little crazy with the supplies.

Tomorrow is BamBam’s first OT session in the pool. I’m really excited about it because I think it will be great for him. The kid really loves the water. See?

Swimming by himself in the deep end at 18-months

At the beach this summer, throwing a sand dollar.

BeBop enjoyed the water, too.

We all enjoyed the beach…

Sparky and the boys

Me and the boys

I think I’ve mentioned before that we have arranged a marriage for BeBop. Well, it seems to have happened a little earlier than we intended. Our families were visiting together – BeBop and his intended playing in the hot tub, grownups lounging around in the sun, and BamBam rearranging some gravel – when we noticed that Intended appeared to be arranging BeBop into different poses, one of which looked like they were dancing a waltz. Her father asked what she was doing and she just giggled rather coyly. He asked if they were getting married and, after more giggling, she said yes. For his part, the groom appeared more than a little flabbergasted by the whole thing. Here’s a picture of the “happy” couple:

The ceremony

The "happy" couple

The new in-laws, three of whom managed to get sunburned during the reception.

And speaking of BeBop, here he comes from his therapy session. Have a great week, everyone! I’ll try to be more coherent next time.

*&%$ – It’s now Tuesday morning and I’m preparing to post this, but have something to add. As Sparky was bringing in the trash cans from the curb last night, I heard the front door open and BeBop yell “BamBam’s going outside!” I made it to the door just as BamBam came back in and closed the door behind him, so he didn’t escape very far. This time.

I thought that one of the other boys had left the door open, but BeBop assured me that BamBam had unlocked and opened the door on his own. BeBop gets details wrong sometimes, so I continued to cling to the dream that we’d be able to avoid this at least until BamBam was in junior high. Still, I was able to see through my delusions enough to engage the baby gate last night. Good thing, too, because my hopes were dashed when I saw him open the door to come out of his room this morning. He definitely has the whole knob-turning thing down.

Gah! We’re in deep trouble now! And we need to figure out an alarm system other than BeBop. We have one of the flippy things at the top of the door, but it’s one of the smaller ones and I’m a little afraid he can break through it. After all, he’s broken through baby gates. At the boys’ therapy office, they no longer call safety measures baby-proofing, they call it BamBam-proofing. BC Maven says she has a door chime we can use so at least we’ll know when he’s escaping out the front door. As I’m writing this, I realize that what we really need is a deadbolt high enough on the door that he can’t reach it. Not sure why I didn’t think of that before. Guess it really does help to write this stuff out. Thanks!