I was sitting here worrying about how I was ever going to squeeze a little more guilt into my life when this just fell into my lap. So you don’t have to follow the link to see it, I’ll give you the headline:

Obese moms may be more likely to have autistic child, study suggests

This is my favorite part:

Until researchers know more, obese moms might want to take the new findings as another reason to lose weight,  Krakowiak said.

“That’s the safest message,” she added. “It doesn’t hurt anybody to lose weight and it comes with other benefits to the mom. So losing weight not only will help you, but it also might potentially help your child to be healthier.

I think I may have dropped 10 pounds just reading that. Very helpful. Seriously, that’s all I was waiting for to lose weight. I just needed another reason. I wonder, if I lost the weight now, would it retroactively eliminate the autism? Oh, wait, I lost the weight two years ago and that was before the first diagnosis. So this info does nothing for me other than add to the crushing load of guilt that was already causing my knees to buckle. And I think I gained back the 10 pounds from the beginning of this paragraph with all of the Easter candy I stole from BamBam’s basket in an effort to stave off the guilt.

Okay, I know I’m being overly sensitive and probably unfair. So, in the interest of fairness, I will add a quote I liked much better from the same researcher in a different article:

She also noted that while the research found an association between obesity and autism/developmental delays, it did not prove that being obese causes autism or other brain problems in the fetus. The link may be indirect.

“It may not be the obesity itself, but other things that lead to obesity, such as genetics, or lifestyle, or diet,” Krakowiak said.

So, apparently, it’s not just that I’m fat, it’s the things about me that make me fat that caused my kids to have autism.

Nope, the fairness didn’t make me feel any better about it. I’m off to see if we have any Cheetos.