Happy late Mother’s Day!

Sparky let me sleep in, made us all breakfast, gave me the biggest share of bacon, gave me some awesome cards and some candy, and took the kids out to lunch and the park so I could putter around the house in peace. Pretty awesome day, in my book.

My trip to the hotel was wonderful, too. I got to sleep in and read and even do a little writing. And there was room service. I really think we should get that at home.

Re-entry’s pretty tough and the peace was gone by noon on Saturday, but it was still worth it. Sparky was home the following week, which helped me to ease back into the routine.

So, Sparky’s pretty much earning points left and right.

While I was at the hotel, I experienced a major episode of hypoglycemia. I hadn’t felt anything like it since I had gestational diabetes, so I decided I may have finally crossed over into diabetes territory. I made an appointment to have my blood drawn on Wednesday and saw my doctor to discuss the results on Friday morning. Turns out I’m still pre-diabetic, but she warned that I will be diabetic within the year if I don’t do something about it now. I’ve been gearing up to start taking care of myself for several months, so I’m hoping to use this as the final incentive to put the plans in actual motion. Plus, the Program (the one I used for my weight loss two years ago) is having an alumni competition beginning on June 3rd, so I plan to take full advantage of that. And I’ll be blogging my progress throughout the summer, so feel free to give me shit if I don’t post a weekly weight.

You know how I changed my hotel plans so that I could make it to the Mother’s Day Tea at Zoo Keeper’s school? Yeah, I managed to forget all about the tea until I was in the doctor’s waiting room on Friday. Fearing I had already missed it, I texted BC Maven to ask what time we were supposed to be there. Not until 12:30, so I hadn’t missed it, though I did provide BC Maven with a good laugh for having forgotten it after all the fuss. I managed to make it in time, though other errands I needed to run that morning kept me from going home to change into something nicer than my grubby jeans and t-shirt. Turns out nobody cared about that. 🙂

Every kid had a woman there, though one or two were grandmothers rather than mothers. So I’m glad I was there for Zoo Keeper, but I’m also glad I was there for me. He was so cute singing the songs and trying to remember the speaking parts. And when they were done and everyone had finished their tea and muffins, he wasn’t at all interested in showing me around. Instead, he wanted to go play at one of the centers with a few of his friends. And that was the best part of all.