Monday Weight: 246.8


It’s been a crazy week. Again. And each time I start to type something, Zoo Keeper comes to tell me something VERY IMPORTANT that I need to listen to right now even if I am doing something else and can I please tell him what this animal is that he already knows the name of and listen to the song that he just made up about things that happened a long time ago like when we went to visit Aunt Princess at her house because that was a long time ago and when we had our dog Sammi because that was a long time ago too and did I hear that he was singing about them and what else did I hear him singing about and…

It’s sometimes very hard to write in this house, so please forgive the silences.

BamBam was home with me all week, which did not please him. Though he was even more upset when a sitter came to stay with him on Friday, so I feel confident that it wasn’t my company that was bothering him. I actually think most of his upset came from a combination of the bus not coming to take him to school and his brother leaving the house before him each day.

Zoo Keeper was off to drama camp. His class did a 15 minute version of The Jungle Book on Friday, which is why BamBam had a sitter that morning. Zoo Keeper got to be Baloo, which is pretty cool. We naturally think he was the best one. He was the only one who knew all his lines, anyway. Any pauses for him were because he was waiting for another actor’s line.

I won’t bore you with the whole thing, so here’s a video with just Baloo’s big scene. Zoo Keeper’s the rock in the blue smock.

Baloo’s big scene

Please don’t feel obligated to watch it. 🙂 It’s in QuickTime again, sorry. If you have a Mac, Quicktime should be built in. If you’re not on a Mac and want to play Quicktime movies, you can download it for free.

As for my weight, I lost almost seven pounds last week. It will, almost certainly, go back up on Monday, but that’s a post for another day.