BamBam has a fever today. Poor little guy is wiped out. He spent most of the day on the couch, but decided he wanted to go for a ride in the car this afternoon, so we all piled in and went. Sparky drove and drove until we ended up at Snoqualmie Falls and, after that, the Railway Museum. Zoo Keeper wanted to go to see the waterfall, but I ┬ásaid no. Then he wanted to see the trains, but I said no again. On the way back by the waterfall, Zoo Keeper* asked again and Sparky said it was pretty busy, but we’d see if there was a parking space. There were none, except for the car pulling out just before we made a clear exit. So it was decided that Sparky would take Zoo Keeper across the street and down to the edge of the waterfall while I stayed in the car with BamBam.

You all know that was never going to work, right? So, to apease BamBam’s protest, all four of us got out of the car for the trek to see the waterfall. All of us in Crocs. Me with no bra under my t-shirt, as I had no intention of exiting the car when we left the house. And me on very little sleep and having not showered for more than a day. More than two, if I’m being honest. I spent the night in BamBam’s room because he kept waking up and announced his intention to no longer stay in bed by turning on the light at about 4:30 am. I’m not exactly feeling what you’d call coherent today.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, the waterfall. We made it there and BamBam wanted to stay. He was put out that we were headed back toward the car, but then his screams turned into simple protest at the world because he felt so terrible. We tried to console him and I ended up carrying the poor guy back to the car.

I can’t think of one person in this family for whom this day did not totally suck, except maybe Zoo Keeper since he got to do something he wanted even if it didn’t involve the zoo. I thought I’d broaden our range by sharing the suckage with you. You’re welcome. That is all.

*Edited to reflect the correct kiddo.