Thanks for all the support on the last post. I’m okay – it helped a lot to write it out. That always helps, it’s just not always easy to make myself do it. I’m having trouble getting the words to flow today, too, even though my topic is special and wonderful. It’s BamBam.

BamBam had his four-year-old well child check-up on Friday. As Dr. fabulous walked in the door, BamBam held out a Cookie Monster card to him and said something about Cookie Monster being blue (I really don’t remember what he said). Dr. Fabulous looked at me and said, “I think that is more than he’s said in all our other visits combined.”

Dr. Fabulous asked about imaginative play just as BamBam leaned into me, pretending I was a cookie and he, Cookie Monster, was going to eat me. Dr. Fabulous said, “Oh. Never mind. That beautifully demonstrated exactly what I was asking about. ”

Dr. Fabulous asked about BamBam’s school situation and his interest in other kids. I told him about developmental preschool. Then I told him that the previous week we’d had BamBam’s first birthday party where he had his own friends to invite. We invited his whole preschool class, plus a few other friends. I told him how BamBam greeted every single guest by name as they walked in the door and invited them to come play. It was amazing.

Basically, Dr. Fabulous was over the moon about the progress BamBam has made in the past year. I was surprised by his amazement because, until I was standing there telling the doctor about it, I had forgotten how far BamBam has come. I had forgotten that only a year ago he didn’t really acknowledge that other kids existed. I had forgotten the constant screaming. I had forgotten the effort and persistence it took just to get him to go into the school building or the grocery store. I had forgotten.

BamBam still has issues. Of course he does. Even if he wasn’t autistic, which he certainly is, he’s still four. But I had forgotten how far he’s come. It felt so good to see BamBam through the eyes of someone who hadn’t seen him in a year. To watch Dr. Fabulous take in all that growth at once.

Dr. Fabulous sang the praises of early intervention and he’s right to do that. It is really working for BamBam. His teachers and therapists are skillful and they truly care about the growth of their clients. I don’t want to sell them short here because they’re wonderful and really go the extra mile, but this post isn’t about them. This post is about BamBam. He’s had help to make great strides this year, but the lion’s share of work was on him. And he totally rose to the challenge. The kid is amazing in the way he embraces life and runs with it. I often say he has two speeds: full-steam and asleep. I’m pretty sure he’s going to take over the world someday.

BamBam is a remarkable person and he’s worked so very hard this year. I’m so very proud of him and I want to take this time to celebrate BamBam. You’re awesome, kid, and I love you.