Conversation in our house this weekend:

I could have sworn it was 20 lemons.

I could have sworn it was 20 lemons.

Sparky: Here you go: 20 lemons.

Me (laughing): Right. Two. Twenty. What’s the difference.

Me (turning at the sound of 20 lemons hitting the fruit bowl): What’s that?

Sparky: Twenty lemons.

Me (staring, dumfounded): But I asked for two lemons.

Sparky: I know.

Me: I only need two. Why did you get a whole bag?

Sparky: I don’t know. They were all there together and it was just easier.

Me: It was easier? Easier than lifting two…you know what? You brought home the lemons I asked for. Thank you for getting me lemons.

Sparky: Your welcome.

When someone does something you asked them to do, don’t question the manner in which it is done. Just say thank you.

It’s not as easy as it looks.