Hi all. I had planned to have all the choir concerts posted in addition to a pithy little blog post to introduce them tomorrow. But it’s late Sunday night, I only have half of the concerts uploaded, and I just realized I didn’t eat dinner and am starving. Best laid plans.

Shades of RedTo make up for it, I am posting a photo of my eighth grade choir that I told you about in the Choir Girl blog. The choir where we had to wear ruffles and red corduroy jumpers. And by jumpers, I don’t mean the British sweater type, either. I’m at the top on the right. That’s Sheila at the top in the middle.

The concerts are (and will be) available via the drop down tab labeled “Choir” at the top of the blog. You can click on individual links on the drop down list, or go to the main choir page on the tab¬†for a regular list.

I’m going to go find something to eat. Goodnight and good luck.