We have eight senses. I know, everyone thinks it’s five, but it’s really eight. I was going to put an explanation of them and of sensory processing disorder (SPD), but I just found this elegant explanation on The European Mama. So I’m now free to skip doing my own post on that and just tell you that sensory issues are a big part of my autism. I’m going to write about how each affects me. I’m starting with taste.

Taste is a funky thing. It sounds like it’s just about the flavor of something, how it hits the notes of salty, sweet, sour, and bitter on your tongue, but it’s really about so much more than taste buds. It’s about how a food looks and the feel of it in your mouth. And the smell. Don’t forget the smell. The smell of garlic and onions makes my mouth water. I once walked through the University District looking for a specific restaurant without knowing the name or location. All I knew was the air around me smelled like my favorite kind of onion rings; thin sliced, beer battered, and extra-crispy. I swear, I could smell how crunchy they would be. And they were.