Photo of choir, Montage 1985-1986

This is the other picture of 1985-1986 Montage that I have.

Renee S., Dan H., Louis R., Chris P., Mike S., Lisa C., Brian M., Jennifer L., Mike B., ME!, Michelle G., David K., Chris F., Cheryl M., Tom B., Bonnie N., Paul S., Jill G., Tom I., and Leslie P.

Naming everyone in that picture reminded me that Mike B. moved mid-year, so Dion L. (in the Cavalcade picture) took his place. It’s probably more appropriate to put the picture with Dion here, since this concert was later, but Mike wasn’t technically singing in either. Plus, I’m too tired to switch them, so they’re staying put. 🙂

 Montage 5/22/1986

I don’t know why I remember this, but the laughter at the beginning of the song is because there was a mic stand accidentally left on the stage and Mr. Pete ran across to grab it and take it backstage.

I’m relatively sure that this recording of Georgia On My Mind belongs with a different concert because the acoustics are different, but I can’t figure out  which concert, so it’s staying put for now, like Mike in the picture above.

You can’t hear it on the recording, but Leslie P. did a beautiful solo dance during the bridge.