♣ Tuesday weigh-in: 224 ♣

This week in dieting started with my first personal trainer session on Monday at 6am. I am not a morning person, but I chose the earliest session I could so that Sparky would be home with the kiddos (BeBop and BamBam) while I’m at the gym. It went fine and I like my trainer, so that’s all good.

I had my first meeting with my dietician on Tuesday morning. Weighed in at 230 (adjusted from 233 because she takes off for clothes and shoes), but that was before I ate my last supper on Tuesday night. I weighed 232 completely naked by Wednesday morning, so GO ME!

Anyway, the diet started Wednesday morning. They start off by stripping the things you eat down to the bare essentials for a week, then they add things back slowly so they can see if there are things you have sensitivities to that make you hungry or keep you from losing weight. Kind of like when you’re introducing solid food to a baby.

So my food choices were pretty limited this week. It’s a shock to the system and many people experience hunger and/or headaches for the first three to five days. This is an understatement. Thursday and Friday I felt like absolute Hell. I’m fine now, feel pretty good actually, but the first four days not so much.

It probably didn’t help that BeBop got sick on Thursday. He seemed okay at first, so we set out to one of his appointments. He fell asleep in the car, which he never does, so I turned around and took him home. I was able to transfer him to sleeping on the couch, another thing that never happens, and I set about canceling his remaining appointments, BamBam’s babysitter (who was due to arrive in five minutes), and my training session. I took him to the doctor that afternoon and found out he has a double ear infection. Again. He had one about three weeks ago, his first since getting ear tubes a year ago, and his ear drum burst. So now he’s on his third course of antibiotics in a month and the possibility of getting ear tubes again is looming. I’m wondering if we can get a family discount if we get them for BamBam at the same time.

Since I canceled my PT session, I promised I would go work out at the gym and watch my video on Friday. As I said above, I wasn’t feeling exactly tip top on Friday. I went to the gym, though. I got on the video bike – they have these cool (read torturous) bikes that you pedal while you watch your videos – and realized that the sound wasn’t working very well. I could still hear it okay, though, so I stayed. A few minutes later, this guy came up to sit on the bike next to mine and started talking to the guy on the bike on the other side of him. REALLY LOUD. And neither of them was even watching a video on the VIDEO bikes. I couldn’t hear my sound at all by then, so I did something totally out of character for me. I asked them to tone it down so I could hear. They did and the guy next to me started to actually ride his bike.  When my video was over, I grabbed my spray bottle to wipe down the bike like you’re supposed to when you finish. To keep in line with my day, the spray mechanism on my bottle refused to work. So, rather than just leaving it, I surreptitiously grabbed the bottle from the bike next to me and used it. Unfortunately, when I put it back, I must have inadvertently sprayed the guy’s hand a little because he pulled it up and whipped his head around to glare at me. I said, “Oh god, did I spray you? I’m so sorry!” He continued his glare and then he actually rolled his eyes at me. I don’t think an adult I didn’t know has rolled his/her eyes at me in…well, ever. I went on over to the treadmills for my workout feeling pretty bad about it, but then I reminded myself that I am obviously a newbie, it was an accident, and he could have cut me some slack. I’m also having a bad day. My day tomorrow will be better, but that guy? He’ll still be an asshole. I felt much better.


I wrote that on Sunday and now it’s Tuesday. I felt pretty good on Monday, lots of energy and just a general sense of doing well, but today…not so much.


And now it’s Thursday. The past couple of days haven’t gone so well. Suffice it to say I drank some soy sauce and sucked up four pounds of extra water with it. I’m finally back down a bit this morning, not quite to where I was before the sauce, but I should be there by tomorrow. Provided I don’t cheat today. I think I won’t, but you never know. I made the mistake yesterday of letting six hours lapse between breakfast and lunch without eating anything. I wasn’t hungry while I wasn’t eating, but as soon as I ate lunch I was ravenous and that didn’t go away until I went to bed last night. And I wasn’t looking for just anything to eat, oh no, the food on the approved list for this week wouldn’t do it for me. I was considering getting the chili out of the freezer (yes, the chili that I told my friend down the street I would give her so I wouldn’t eat it) and going to town with extra sharp cheddar. I didn’t have any crackers or sour cream, but I would have had them as well. Fortunately for me and my waistline, Sparky came home and talked me out of it. He even made dinner and put the boys to bed. I’m telling you right now, that man is a keeper.

So, my lessons learned this week are:

1. No overdoing it with the salt. The taste is not worth the bloat and temporary set-back, I don’t think. May change my mind tomorrow. So maybe that’s not a lesson so much learned as proposed…

2. Make sure I eat something every four hours.

Thanks for your support!