• Tuesday Weigh-in: 218.8 •

April’s been a crazy month for us. It’s Autism Awareness Month, so the University of Washington Autism Center has been giving various evening lectures on autism. I’ve been to four so far, will go to two more this week, and then the final one next week. Yesterday I showed up to one of our therapy places for OT appointments for both boys only to be reminded that the appointments had been canceled as of last Thursday. Oh, right, I knew that. I’ve been carting one or both boys to various therapy appointments for almost two years now and that’s the first time I’ve done anything like that. The ever-changing, over-full schedule is beginning to eat my brain.

Most of the UWAC lectures so far have been fabulous. I’ll share what I can remember when I’ve had a chance to process it. In the meantime, I offer you a picture of BeBop’s zoo:

This is an early incarnation, before it spread to encompass the whole house. Plus, we made him scale down the size of the cages and put them along the walls instead of in the walkway, a feat that took Sparky a lot of talking to accomplish. He’s a good man, my Sparky.

BeBop had some friends over the other day. Their mother just told me that she now has a zoo in her house. I’m always happy to share the wealth. 🙂

Back next week with some coherent information. I hope.