Hoping for this...

Hoping for this…

I wasn’t planning to do National Novel Writing Month this year. I just didn’t want the pressure, especially since it hasn’t really worked for me in the past. And there’s the fact that I haven’t written a word of fiction for almost a year. That one’s just sitting there, staring me in the face.

But I have been thinking about an idea. I’ve even jotted some notes down. It’s been ruminating for a few months, coming into a remotely recognizable form, so I decided to just try to get it down on paper.

There’s romance in it, but that’s not the main focus. It’s really about repairing trust in a friendship and making it even better than it was before. At least, that’s what it’s about right now. It could be about space monkeys taking over Las Vegas by the end of November.

...but feeling like this.

…but feeling like this.

I made the decision last night, on the eve of NaNo. Today I’ve written 1730 words, which is a little more than┬áthe average I need to finish on November 30. So far, so good, I guess.

I have some trust issues with my ability to commit to writing goals. Kind of like the betrayed woman in my novel. Coincidence? I guess we’ll see.