Hot PenguinDoes anyone else out there hate summer? I can’t stand it. Once the temperature gets above 75°F, if there’s not a cool breeze blowing, my brain starts to feel all fuzzy and my body just doesn’t seem to function well. I get light-headed. I don’t understand the fascination with saunas or steam rooms, either. To be honest, I don’t know the difference between the two. They both seem to be made of the same brand of suffocation torture. I can’t put more than my feet in a hot tub unless it’s outside and it’s actively snowing on my head. Even then, I have to take frequent breaks. And hot yoga just seems like a heart attack waiting to happen.

We’re having a heat wave here in the pacific northwest and every sales clerk or stranger you pass on the street makes a comment about the beautiful weather while I daydream about having the power to make it rain on their parade. That’s not even satisfying because rain would only add mugginess to my misery at this point, not relief. What I really want is a nice, cool, cool breeze to blow throughout the land.

There’s not a sensory thing with heat so far as I know. Full disclosure, I didn’t look it up or anything. It’s too hot out for that kind of effort.